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Wholesale Information

See the list below for my wholesale discounts.
Please note that this is just a general guide. Many of my items are already close to wholesale prices with regards to my own manual labour, and this is why I cannot afford to give 50% discount. This being said, once I have taken a look at your order I may be able to increase the discount (depending on what is ordered).

Large orders may take up to a month to complete, as each item is handmade by myself.
Custom items could take longer as I might need to source and order new materials.

Order Value Discount
£300.00 - £399.00 20%
£400.00 - £499.00 25%
£500.00 - £599.00 30%
£600.00 - £999.00 35%
£1000.00 + 40%

Please contact me (Stuart Williams) via the contact page or from my Etsy Shop.
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Cthulhu Jewellery is an online fashion and jewelry store featuring original HP Lovecraft inspired handmade accessories and gifts by Welsh artist Stuart Williams. Our collection includes cthulhu jewellery, lovecraftian jewellery, eldritch jewelry, weird jewelry, gothic jewelry and esoteric jewelry. Cthulhu Jewelry includes unique handmade necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and other strange jewelry.

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